Police Warn Against Malicious Text Messages That Spread Malware

The police today issued a warning about rogue text messages that try to infect Android phones with malware. The messages, which seem to come from DHL, state that the recipient can track the delivery of his package by installing an app. The website to which the text message links contains detailed instructions on how to install apps from unknown sources in addition to the APK file.

The app on offer is in reality the FluBot malware that allows criminals to steal credit card information and data for committing bank fraud. The malware also uses infected phones to send new malicious text messages. Yesterday, KPN informed Security.NL that it is seeing a sharp increase in the number of customers with an SMS peak due to the malware.

Normally, the telecom provider has to deal with a few dozen customers per week, with a peak in SMS usage. After the outbreak of the FluBot malware, it involved almost 500 customers last week . Last week, security company ThreatFabric reported to Security.NL that it saw infections in the Netherlands increase by thousands .

The police advise users not to install apps via a link, but to search for the app itself in the Google Play Store. In case users have installed the rogue app, a factory reset is recommended. People who have been defrauded are called to report by the police. The police announced via Twitter that several victims of FluBot have already reported it.

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