Mozilla is Going to Advertise On Facebook and Instagram Again After Three Years

 Mozilla is going to advertise on Facebook and Instagram again after three years and says it will do this with transparent advertisements. In March 2018, Mozilla decided to stop advertising on Facebook platforms due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It has now come back from that. “Many of the people who need our tools the most are very active on Facebook and Instagram,” said Mozillas Lindsey Shephard .

She acknowledges that Facebook uses microtargeting to deliver targeted ads. "The problem is not that these ads exist, but the complexity of the system is the problem. The same sophisticated targeting tools that advertisers use to find you can also be used for evil," said Shephard.

According to Mozilla, it is therefore important that advertisements and the parameters used to target users are public. Mozilla's advertisements display this information. This concerns, for example, the zodiac sign, month of birth and a certain interest of the user that are used to display the targeted ad.

"All major platforms operating an ad network, Facebook, Google and YouTube, should make their targeting parameters public on their platforms. The health of the ad ecosystem is important for the future of the internet. This is an important step forward" , Shephard concludes.

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