Millions Of Android Users' Information Is Unsecured

Data from millions of Android users is accessible to everyone on the Internet as app developers fail to secure their databases. Security company Check Point reports this on the basis of its own research into 23 apps. The apps, which together have more than a hundred million installations, use various cloud services and databases to store the data of their users.

Due to incorrect configurations, that data appears to be accessible to everyone. This way, the databases are accessible without authentication. The databases include names, dates of birth, email addresses, documents, chat messages, location information, passwords, photos and screen recordings. These include the apps Logo Maker, Astro Guru, T'Leva, Screen Recorder and iFax. The other apps have not been disclosed by Check Point.

“This misconfiguration of real-time databases is not new, and is still widespread, affecting millions of users. All the Check Point researchers had to do was try to access the data. nothing to stop unauthorized access, "the security company said.

In addition to the unsecured databases, the researchers also found the keys to access the app's cloud storage in various apps. Check Point warned both the app developers and Google about the publication of the findings. "Some" of the apps changed their configuration after the warning.

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