Leimuiden's company was scammed For 80,000 Euros Due To Fake Invoice

A company from Leimuiden has been defrauded by e-mail fraud for over 80,000 euros. The police announced this today. The company paid two invoices intended for a European supplier, but actually transferred the money to the criminals. They had managed to place themselves between the e-mail traffic of both companies.

To do this, they registered a domain name for both companies, only with a different top-level domain than the original domain name. They then sent emails from these domains, which both companies used for their communications, giving the criminal control over the email traffic. The Leimuiden company and their European supplier made a delivery and payment agreement at the beginning of this year. After this, communication regarding the deal was taken over, the police said.

A fake invoice soon followed for a down payment, which the Leimuiden company paid. A few weeks later, the delivery of goods followed and the criminals again sent a false invoice to make the final payment. The company paid the criminals again. After the European supplier asked where the payment was made, the fraud was discovered and a report was filed.

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