Largest US Fuel Pipeline Shut Down by Ransomware Attack

The largest fuel pipeline in the United States has been shut down by a ransomware attack, the Colonial Pipeline Company said in a statement. The company was hit by the attack on May 7 and subsequently decided to shut down certain systems to prevent further spread and damage. As a result, the functioning of all fuel pipelines came to a standstill.

In a statement released yesterday, the company says it is working on a recovery plan to get all systems back online. The main pipelines are still offline. A number of smaller pipelines between the terminals and distribution points are now operational again. When it is safe, the entire system will be armed again.

The exact ransomware and how the infection could occur has not been disclosed. According to US media , the attack is the work of a group of criminals behind the DarkSide ransomware. Anonymous sources tell Bloomberg that the attackers have also stolen nearly a hundred gigabytes of data.

The Colonial Pipeline Company operates 9,000 miles of pipeline and is responsible for much of the US East Coast's fuel supply. The company transports petrol, diesel and gas.

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