KPN warns of Unexpectedly High bill Due to FluBot Malware

KPN customers who have to deal with an unexpectedly high telephone bill may be victims of the FluBot malware, the telecom company warns. More than ten thousand Android phones in Belgium were recently infected with this malware. FluBot spreads via text messages stating that a parcel for the recipient is on its way and can be tracked via the included link. However, the link points to a rogue app that contains the FluBot malware.

FluBot is a banking Trojan that, among other things, tries to steal data in order to commit bank fraud. Once installed by the user, FluBot can intercept and send SMS messages, read the address book, call phone numbers and disable Google Play Protect. Its main purpose, however, is phishing. The malware checks which applications are installed on the device.

In the case of banking applications, the FluBot will download a separate phishing page for this. As soon as the victim starts the legitimate banking app, FluBot places the phishing page on it. Login details that users then enter on the phishing page are sent to the attacker. In addition, the malware can display phishing pages for credit card information.

"At the moment, a new malware for Android devices is spreading. This malware is called Flubot and settles in your mobile device in the form of an app. This app then sends out many text messages on behalf of your number with a link to tracing a package to random people, " said KPN. "Do you have an unexpectedly higher mobile bill? This could be due to flubot", the telecom provider warns .

Customers whose device has become infected are recommended to perform a factory reset. Recently, the Belgian government and the British National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) gave the same advice to infected users. At the beginning of this month, the German government already warned against attacks with the FluBot malware.
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