Irish Hospitals Cancel Appointments due to Ransomware Attack

Many Irish hospitals have canceled appointments with patients due to the ransomware attack on the national healthcare system, the Health Service Executive (HSE) said. In addition, patients may experience delays in, among other things, operations. Last Friday, HSE was hit by a Conti ransomware attack and decided to shut down all systems as a precaution.

The HSE has now published an overview of the consequences per hospital. This shows that in particular X-rays, blood and viewing examinations have been canceled. The disruptions are expected to continue next week. Patients are called upon to keep an eye on the news from their hospital. Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin said on Friday that the $ 20 million ransom demanded by the attackers will not be paid, RTE News and The Irish Times report .

An investigation is now underway into the impact of the attack and whether the attackers compromised patient records. The HSE states that all affected data can be restored through backups. We are now looking at which systems can come back online safely. Also in the latest reporting, the HSE speaks of a "sophisticated attack", but details have still not been made public.

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