IOS Users Are At Risk Because Other App Stores Are Reducing Apple Security

IOS Users Are At Risk Because Other App Stores Are Reducing Apple Security

Allowing other app stores or places where iOS users can download apps reduces their security, Apple CEO Craig Federighi said during the process between Apple and Epic Games. As an example, he pointed to macOS, where users can install software from other locations and therefore have to deal with more malware, Bloomberg , Apple Insider and CNBC report.

"On the Mac, we now have an amount of malware that we find unacceptable," said Federigh. This would be mainly because users can install software that is not approved by Apple. That makes it less secure than iOS and iPadOS, said Apple's senior vice president of software engineering. Allowing other app stores on iOS and iPadOS would create a "very, very bad situation for our customers," including "a massive decrease in their security," Federighi said. "IOS has raised the bar for protecting users much higher. The Mac doesn't make it."

Last year, Apple discovered and removed some 130 different malware instances that had infected hundreds of thousands of Macs. One copy was even responsible for 300,000 infected systems. Federighi compared the Mac to a car. “You can go off-road with it if you want and drive anywhere. That's what you've chosen. It requires a certain responsibility. With iOS, you want something different where children can safely interact with an iOS device. It is really a different product. "

Federighi was asked whether macOS is a secure platform. According to the Apple CEO, the Mac is the safest option of all PC devices. "If you drive well, like a car, and you know how to drive and you obey the rules and are very careful, then yes. If you don't, I know some family members who got malware on their Macs. but I believe a Mac is safe to operate. "

The Apple CEO also pointed to Android. "It is well known in the security community that Android has a malware problem." On the other hand, Apple's iOS has managed to keep malware at bay, Federighi noted. Epic Games' lawyers stated that security measures from macOS, such as App Notarization and Mac Gatekeeper, can be ported to iOS to enable other app stores. Federighi disagreed, calling it an impractical solution.

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