Insurer CNA Finally Recovered From Ransomware Attack After Weeks

After weeks, insurance company CNA has finally recovered from the ransomware attack that hit it in March. The attack took place on March 21 and left CNA without a website and email. Initially, the insurer spoke of a "sophisticated attack" that caused system failures and affected all kinds of systems within the company. Details suggesting that this is a sophisticated attack have not been given.

In the latest update on the incident, CNA said there is no indication that it was a targeted attack and that the insurer or policyholder data was not a deliberate target. CNA cannot say with certainty whether policyholder data was also stolen by the attacker.

"CNA has conducted dark web scans and searched for CNA-related information. At this time, we have no evidence that data related to this attack has been shared or misused." If it turns out that data has been stolen, the insurer will make this known to policyholders. The recovery of the systems took place in phases, with all systems first thoroughly checked before they came back online.

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