Fuel Shortage In United States Due to Ransomware Attack

Gasoline shortages on the US East Coast as a result of the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company are diminishing, but the situation has still not recovered. In recent days, thousands of gas stations have been out of fuel, partly due to Americans hoarding gasoline and diesel on a large scale and the fact that no fuel was supplied. At its peak, sixteen thousand gas stations had to sell no to customers.

On Saturday , the Colonial Pipeline reported that the pipeline's operation has been restored and the fuel is being transported again at millions of liters per hour. However, it will take a while before the full 'supply chain' is restored, the company told Reuters news agency . In Washington DC, for example, about seventy percent of gas stations would still be without fuel, according to figures from GasBuddy .

Colonial Pipeline operates 9,000 miles of pipeline and is responsible for 45 percent of the US East Coast's fuel supply. According to US media, the company paid the attackers behind the ransomware attack nearly $5 million in ransom to decrypt the files.

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