Europe Agrees On The Introduction of Digital Corona Passport

Europe agrees on the introduction of digital corona passport

The European Parliament and the European Council have reached an agreement on the introduction of a digital corona passport. The EU Digital COVID Certificate, previously referred to as the Digital Green Certificate, should be ready by the end of June and is for those who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered from a corona infection. It will be available in both a digital and paper version and will contain a qr code that instances can scan.

Those in possession of a corona passport will not face additional travel restrictions unless this is necessary and proportionate to protect public health. It has also been agreed that € 100 million will be made available for affordable corona tests. The legislation will enter into force on July 1, with a six-week implementation period for Member States that need additional time to implement the Corona passport.

Personal data from the passport cannot be stored by destination countries, according to the European Parliament (EP). Nor will there be a central database at EU level. The list of authorities that process and receive data from the corona passport will be made public, so that citizens can exercise their courts under the GDPR, the EP further says.

The legislation under which the corona passport becomes possible will remain in force for twelve months. According to the European Parliament, the corona passport should not be a condition for the right to free travel and will not be considered a travel document.

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