Division Insurance Company AXA Hit By Ransomware Attack

Asian business division of insurance company AXA has recently been hit by a ransomware attack. Recently, the French branch announced that it will no longer pay ransom money that victims of ransomware attacks pay to get their files back or prevent the disclosure of stolen data.

The attack on the business division, according to sources, took place before AXA France decided to change its policy. The attack on the AXA division has been claimed by the group behind the Avaddon ransomware. The group claims it stole three terabytes of data, the Financial Times reports . This would include personal information from customers, including medical records and insurance claims, as well as data from hospitals and doctors.

Some of the data that has since been made public also includes screenshots of ID cards and passports, bank records, hospital bills and patient health information. The attack disrupted the AXA division's IT operations in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. The affected division provides emergency assistance, including health care, to other parts of the AXA group.

How the attackers managed to gain access to the systems is unknown. Last week, the FBI and Australia's Cyber ​​Security Center (ACSC) issued a warning about the Avaddon ransomware, calling on organizations to make their home working solutions more secure, as criminals are taking advantage of them to access networks.

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