Colonial Pipeline Paid Attackers Nearly $5 Million in Ransom

The Colonial Pipeline Company has paid the criminals behind the ransomware attack on the United States' largest fuel pipeline nearly $5 million in ransom, Bloomberg news agency and The New York Times report , according to sources. The attack disrupted fuel supplies in several US states.

According to sources, the ransom was paid just hours after the DarkSide ransomware attack took place. The attackers then provided a decryption tool to decrypt the encrypted data. One of the sources states that the delivered tool was so slow that the company decided to restore the system from its own backups. Fuel has been going through the company's pipelines again since Wednesday evening.

"That's good news, but I want to be clear. We won't notice this right away at the pump. It's not like turning on the lights. This pipeline is nine thousand kilometers long and has never been completely shut down in its history. they get everything back up and running safely and it will take some time and problems could arise, "said US President Biden . He called on petrol stations not to take advantage of the situation by charging higher prices.

Biden reiterated that Russia is not behind the attack, but that it was carried out from Russia. "We have been in direct contact with Moscow about the need for responsible countries to deal with these ransomware attacks."

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