Chrome for Android Can Automatically Correct Leaked Passwords

Google has added a new feature to Chrome for Android that allows the browser to automatically adjust leaked passwords with one tap. Chrome already checked whether passwords saved in the browser exist in known data breaches. In this case, the browser will display a warning that users can better change the password.

According to Google, this is a lot of work for users, as they have to go to the relevant website themselves, log in there and then change the password via the account settings. Chrome for Android can now perform this process automatically on supported websites. In this case, users will be notified that their password is part of a data breach and whether they want to change it.

A single tap is then sufficient for the browser to set a new password, without further user interaction. Google states that users are in control throughout the process and can manually prosecute it themselves at any time. Chrome uses Duplex on the Web to change passwords , a technology that automates things like scrolling, clicking, and filling out forms.

“And now we're expanding these capabilities further by letting you quickly choose a strong password for certain sites and apps when Chrome detects that your credentials have been leaked,” said Patrick Nepper of the Google Chrome team. Automated password changes are being rolled out in phases to Chrome for Android users who sync their passwords. Work is underway in the United States, with more websites and countries supported in the coming months.

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