CBS will analyze corona data from GGD test streets

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) will analyze corona data from the GGD test streets, using other data available to the statistics office, such as income, education level, employment position and housing situation. The Ministry of Health reports this.

According to the ministry, the analysis of the combination of these information flows can provide insights for the fight against corona and possible subsequent epidemics. This makes it clear which groups exactly have been tested positive, negative or not. These analyzes can clarify which groups undergo more or less testing, which professions run a higher risk or, for example, what the influence of living or working conditions is to be tested positive.

"In order to enable analysis by Statistics Netherlands, it is very important that the data exchange is secure and that personal data and privacy are protected. The Statistics Netherlands Act guarantees this protection," the ministry states . For example, identifying personal characteristics must be removed immediately after the data has been received by Statistics Netherlands. At Statistics Netherlands, personal characteristics are also being replaced by a pseudo key and it is carefully checked whether results cannot be traced back to persons, the ministry adds.

The first analysis results are expected at the end of June and the statistics are intended to be made public. In addition to researching the data from the GGD test streets, it is also currently being examined whether it is useful and legally possible to make other data, such as vaccination data, available for research by Statistics Netherlands.

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