Audio Maker Bose Discloses Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

Audio company Bose has informed current and former staff of a data breach after becoming the victim of a ransomware attack. On March 7, Bose discovered that the company's systems in the United States had become infected with ransomware. After the attack, the audio company was first busy restoring the affected systems.

Subsequently, a forensic investigation was launched. It appeared at the end of April that the attackers may have first looted internal HR files before rolling out the ransomware. These files contain names, social security numbers, and salary-related information for current and former Bose employees. Affected employees can now use an identity protection service free of charge for a year, according to a letter Bose sent to staff last week.

The company also reported the data breach to the US Department of Justice of the State of New Hampshire ( PDF ). This report also lists various measures that Bose took in response to the attack.

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