Apple Rejected Nearly A Million "Problematic Apps" in The App Store

Apple rejected nearly one million new 'problematic apps' from the App Store last year. Nearly one million app updates also failed to pass the tech company's control. The apps and updates were declined for various reasons, including violating users' privacy. 

For example, 215,000 apps were not allowed because they asked for more data from users than was necessary or because they did not handle collected data properly. 48,000 apps did not pass the check because they were found to contain hidden or undocumented features and more than 150,000 apps were rejected because they were spam, copycats or tried to trick users into making a purchase.

Apple also removed 95,000 apps already in the App Store due to a bait-and-switch maneuver. The developers change the operation of the app after it has been verified by Apple. According to Apple, such apps are immediately removed after discovery. Due to the development of rogue apps, Apple terminated 470,000 developer accounts and 205,000 developer attempts to create an account were denied due to fraud concerns.

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