The Chinese are buying HDD and SSD for Cryptocurrency Mining

Due to the introduction of the Chia cryptocurrency, miners in China are purchasing all available hard drives and solid state drives. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Chia mining does not use processors, video cards,  or specialized ASIC chip. It only requires storage.

ASIC chips and video cards don't matter in chia mining. Just make sure your storage devices are HDD's or SSD's.

As opposed to Bitcoin, which is based on "proof of work," Chia uses the principle of "proof of space and time." It, too, is marketed as a sustainable cryptocurrency. Bram Cohen, the creator of Chia, claims that it is an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency.

When mining ChiaCoin, regular SSDs will not be sufficient to recover the initial investment - because they have limited rewrite cycles, they will slow down rapidly. Therefore, either high-performance hard drives or high-end solid-state drives for servers are required.

Many people who have been in the know about the features of Chia in China have already begun to buy in excess of 4-18 Terabyte hard drives and SSDs. Intense purchases will ultimately lead to shortages and higher prices.

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