RIP: Well-known Security Researcher Dan Kaminksky Passed Away

Well-known security researcher Dan Kaminsky has died at the age of 42, Marc Rogers , head of security at Defcon hacker conference, said on Twitter. Kaminsky made world news in 2008 due to a vulnerability in the Domain Name System (DNS). The vulnerability allowed cache poisoning attacks on most name servers to redirect victims to malicious websites.

Kaminsky showed in 2005 that a Sony rootkit was running on nearly 570,000 computers. To prevent copies of CDs from being made, Sony secretly installed a rootkit when the CD was played through Windows. Removing the rootkit could damage the system. In addition, viruses and other malware could hide through Sony's rootkit.

Kaminsky was also the co-founder of security company White Ops and worked for Cisco and security company IOActive, among others. Details of his death have not been disclosed. Jeff Moss, founder of the Black Hat and DefCon hacker conferences, has announced that a YouTube playlist will be created with images of Kaminsky. The researcher will also be nominated for the Internet Hall of Fame.

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