533 million Facebook users Private Data Leaked on The Internet

The private data of 533 million Facebook users have been leaked on the internet, including more than 5.4 million Dutch and 3.1 million Belgians, security researcher Alon Gal of security company Hudson Rock reports on Twitter. This includes Facebook ID, full name, phone number, gender, location, previous location, date of birth, in some cases email address, relationship status and other information.

"Malicious people will certainly use the information for social engineering, scams, hacking and marketing," said Gal. Facebook says in a response that it concerns old data that was stolen in 2019. The underlying issue that made the data theft possible was resolved in August of that year. Facebook does not tell us what kind of vulnerability it is.

Axios reports that Facebook turned off a function at the time that made it possible to enter multiple phone numbers and use an algorithm to see which number belonged to a specific user. The stolen data was put up for sale earlier this year, but has now been made available for free on a forum.

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