Large American School District Affected by Ransomware attack

One of the largest school districts in the United States was hit by a ransomware attack last month. The attackers initially demanded $40 million to decrypt all encrypted data and not disclose stolen data. The Broward County school district of Florida, which has 271,000 students, 175,000 adult students and more than 330 schools, offers to pay up to $500,000 in ransom. Then the criminals would have stopped the negotiations.

The attack was claimed by the Conti ransomware group. To put pressure on the school district, the group published screenshots of the negotiations on its own website. For example, the criminals claim to have stolen more than one terabyte of personal data and other information from students and employees. The school district said in a response to the AP news agency that it is in the process of restoring systems and does not intend to pay the ransom.

The attack, which took place in early March, caused the school district's computer system to temporarily go offline. However, this did not affect the lessons. Further details on the number of systems affected and how the infection could occur have not been disclosed. The Conti ransomware is installed by other malware that is active on systems, but the group is also said to be exploiting vulnerabilities in FortiGate firewalls . Clothing chain FatFace , which also fell victim to this ransomware, is said to have paid the responsible criminals $2 million, ComputerWeekly reported last week

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