Gigaset Smartphones Infected With Malware via Official Update Server

Smartphones from Gigaset have been infected with malware after attackers managed to compromise an official update server. For example, all kinds of windows with advertisements were opened within the browser. Facebook accounts were also taken over from users.

Furthermore, the malware appeared to block WhatsApp accounts, send text messages, make the device slow and lead to an empty battery. Users who managed to remove the malware via Android Debug Bridge (ADB) were reinstalled after a few hours, reported by Borncity . Gigaset informs the website that attackers managed to compromise an update server that has now been cleaned up.

Gigaset also reports that it will soon come up with a solution for affected users. According to the smartphone manufacturer, only older devices have been affected by the rogue updates. The manufacturer assumes that the GS110, GS185, GS190, GS195, GS195LS, GS280, GS290, GX290, GX290 plus, GX290 PRO, GS3 and GS4 models have not been contaminated. Gigaset will provide additional information about the incident today or tomorrow.

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