FBI Chief Asked Private Companies to Report Hacker Attacks

FBI Director Christopher Wray announced before the US Congress that when companies learn they have been attacked by cybercriminals or government-sponsored hackers, they must immediately notify the authorities and provide them with all the information needed to help the government better deter attacks.

According to Ray, the correct behaviour of companies that have become victims of cyberattacks will help the government develop a kind of early warning system for attacks by foreign hackers conducting large-scale cyber operations against many American companies and government agencies. As the head of the FBI explained, it is very important to identify the organization that has become the first victim in a series of cyberattacks by foreign hackers so that the further spread of the threat can be prevented.

Such warnings from the private sector have already helped the US government to become aware of foreign-funded malicious operations. For example, information security company FireEye, which became one of the victims of the SolarWinds hack in December 2020, is the first organization to report this. It was the FireEye report that kicked off a process that has helped governments and other companies identify compromised systems.

Many leaders of the U.S. intelligence community who spoke to Congress alongside Ray, including Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and Director of the National Security Agency Paul Nakasone, supported the FBI Director's insistence on strengthening public-private partnerships. in identifying such hacks.

Nakasone noted that in cases where foreign nation-states or cybercriminals use US infrastructure to conduct their operations, US intelligence may lag behind what the private sector can see, as it often does not have the power to monitor such attacks quickly.

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