Apple Is Rolling Out iOS 14.5 With Tracking Protection Next Week

It was announced by Apple via its website that iOS 14.5, which require apps to request permission to track users, will be rolled out next week. The new feature is called App Tracking Transparency, which is supposed to offer increased protection from tracking.

The iOS 14.5 version will prevent the tracking of users in apps without their consent. With the launch of iOS 14.5, advertisers will no longer be able to use the IDFA identifier within apps. "Unless you get the user's permission to enable tracking, the device's advertising identifier will be all zeros and you won't be allowed to track them," Apple said in a weekday explaining to app developers.

Apple requires developers to list any tracking information in the privacy section of the app's product page and ask customers to consent to use it before tracking users. In addition, developers must also tell users why they want to track users. These obligations begin on April 26 for all applications in the Apple App Store.

Developers are also advised to obey the app developer licence agreement by not collecting device and usage data to create a unique fingerprint of the user or device.

Facebook has previously strongly criticized Apple's measure, which makes it more difficult to track users. In a new post, the tech company that App Tracking Transparency is introducing restrictions for advertisers who need to take several measures to avoid disruptions to their ad campaigns. In addition, the tracking protection ensures that Facebook can share less data about advertisements with advertisers.

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