According to the creators of REvil, they have no equal among cyber Ransomware

Thanks to the work of the media ,the pathners of the revil ransomware have grew tremendously and large companies fear. Thanks to which they are much more willing to negotiate with extortionists. REvil does not need additional advertising, just mentions in the media are enough to overtake the competition. The creators of the ransomware REvil told about this on one of the popular cybercriminal forums.

The REvil group regularly updates its ransomware, but does not always condescend to publish a list of updates. Now she decided to tell the general public about the updates of her “product” in order to demonstrate its “vector of development”.

According to a recent post, the ransomware has received a safe-mod to bypass security solutions ( reported by SecurityLab last week), an updated reduced-size powershell code, etc.

Among other things, new features have been added to REvil to influence victims to make them make the “right decision” to pay the ransom. In particular, a call center was organized to call representatives of the affected companies and servers for DDoS attacks were set up at levels 3 to 7. Now, if the victim refuses to pay, a DDoS attack can be launched against him. According to cybercriminals, the power of DDoS attacks will be enough to "dump resources on a par with and"

Recall that earlier this month, REvil operators attacked Acer and demanded a ransom of $ 50 million from it. Although the amount demanded by the extortionists from Acer is one of the largest to date, according to the developers of REvil, the average check from one network from them is $ 10 million.

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