T-Mobile USA will Be Sharing Customers Behaviors With Advertisers

The US branch of T-Mobile will by default share online customer behavior with advertisers next month, unless people opt out. This is evident from the new privacy policy . In the new policy, T-Mobile states that it will start a new program from April 26 that uses the data that the provider has about customers.

This includes data about browsing behavior and device information, such as which apps the user has installed and how they use T-Mobile's products and services. T-Mobile will use this information for its own advertising purposes and share it with external advertisers.

According to the provider, the collected and transmitted information cannot be directly traced back to customers. "Instead, we associate it with your mobile ad identifier or some other unique identifier," T-Mobile explained. Customers who do not want their online activities to be collected should opt out.

In a response to the Wall Street Journal , T-Mobile said that customers have indicated that they prefer to see relevant ads, and it has therefore decided to collect all data by default. The American civil rights movement EFF does not like the program and warns that it is easy to trace the data back to users.

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