REvil: Ransomware Group Claims Successful Attack On Computer Manufacturer Acer

The criminals behind the REvil ransomware claims it has carried out a successful attack on computer manufacturer Acer. According to a screenshot of the REvil website shared on Twitter by researcher Marcelo Rivero of Malwarebytes , the ransomware group asks for a converted amount of $ 50 million to decrypt the data.

On its own website, the ransomware group has posted various screenshots of files that are allegedly stolen from Acer. In a response to TechTarget , the attack is not confirmed or denied by Acer. The computer manufacturer does inform Bleeping Computer that an investigation is taking place and that no further information can be provided for security reasons.

According to security researcher Vitali Kremez, the attackers may have entered via an Exchange server from Acer. It was previously announced that the group behind the DearCry ransomware had targeted vulnerable Exchange servers. Further details are not yet known.

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