OnionShare for Anonymous File Exchange Equipped With Chat Room

OnionShare, a tool for the anonymous exchange of files on the Internet, is equipped with a chat room function where nothing is logged. This should provide users with more protection than, say, end-to-end encrypted chat apps like Signal, says developer Micah Lee.

The tool starts a web server on the user's computer and makes it accessible as a Tor address. This is an address on the Tor network that others can access through Tor Browser and use to download or upload files from the web server. There is no need to log in to an account or use third parties. According to Lee, it turns users' computers into an "anonymous dropbox."

The tool now includes the option to start a chat room. This generates an OnionShare address that can be shared with anyone invited to the chat room. This address can be shared, for example, via an encrypted chat app. The link must then be opened in Tor Browser, after which communication can take place via the chat room.

Lee states that the use of the chat room leaves less traces than an encrypted chat app. "Suppose you send a message to a Signal group, then a copy of your message ends up on every device. Even with disappearing messages enabled, it is difficult to confirm that they are really removed from the devices and other places where they are. saved, ”said Lee. The developer states that OnionShare chat rooms do not store messages anywhere.

The chat rooms can also be useful for people who want to chat with someone anonymously and securely without the need to create an account first, Lee continues. As an example, he mentions a whistleblower who sends the OnionShare link to a journalist via a disposable email address. This does not compromise anonymity, according to the developer. OnionShare runs entirely on the Tor network. The latest OnionShare can be downloaded from OnionShare.org .

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