Judge Sentenced Man to 250 Days in Prison for Phishing And Parcel fraud

The Amsterdam court has sentenced a 20-year-old man to a prison sentence of 250 days for phishing and parcel fraud, of which 78 days suspended. In addition, the suspect has to carry out a community service of 120 hours.

The man engaged in phishing attacks on users of Marktplaats.nl and 2dehands.be. Sellers on the auction sites were approached by the suspect who indicated that they wanted to buy their product. To verify the seller, the suspect asked if ten cents could be transferred to him. However, the payment request sent by the suspect pointed to a phishing site. With the information that victims entered here, the suspect was able to steal money from accounts.

In addition, the suspect was involved in parcel fraud. Subsequently, all kinds of products were ordered via compromised accounts of online store users, whereby it was decided to pay afterwards. So-called "binlists" were found on the man's laptop with over half a million compromised usernames and passwords from various platforms, including Bol.com, Adidas, Otto, 2dehands.be, Wehkamp and Zalando. The man also had lists of login details for all kinds of e-mail accounts.

"The court blames the accused that he has used his knowledge of the digital world at the expense of others for his own gain. With his actions, he has the confidence that everyone should be able to have in the use of the internet and the integrity of electronic payments. This is while the vast majority of people and companies today, due to the corona measures, are highly dependent on online services. In addition, the impact of computer crime is great, "the verdict said.

Given the seriousness of the facts, the judge stated that a longer unconditional prison sentence is usually justified. However, this took into account the personal circumstances of the suspect, who has now started training and has found a job as a delivery driver, and therefore arrives at a substantially lower sentence than is usually imposed for comparable offenses.

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