Chinese Tech Giants Aim to Bypass Apple's New Privacy

Some of China's largest tech companies, including ByteDance and Tencent, are testing a tool to bypass Apple's new privacy rules and continue to track iPhone users without their consent in order to serve mobile ads.

In the coming weeks, Apple will roll out changes for the iPhone that it says will give users more privacy. The most important changes will be the new app privacy messages. The updated user interface system will visually tell users what type of data each application collects about them. In addition, now every application will need to expose the data type used to track users on the Internet.

Apps will have to request permission to collect tracking data, and this change could put the online advertising industry at a multi-billion dollar cost as most users are expected to opt out of tracking.

In this regard, the China Advertising Association (CAA), which brings together 2 thousand advertisers, consulting and research organizations, intends to release an alternative way to track and identify iPhone users called CAID. This was reported by the Financial Times.

According to a source for the publication, Apple will be able to determine which applications are using the new Chinese tool and will block them in its App Store in China if it wants to. The CAA said the CAID decision “does not conflict with Apple’s privacy policy” and that the association “is currently actively working with Apple. According to experts, Apple is aware of the tool and seems to have turned a blind eye to its use until now.

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