CheckPoint: Fake Vaccination Certificates Appear On The DarkNet

The Check Point Research team found advertisements on the darknet selling fake vaccination certificates and Covid-19 negative test certificates. In addition, the number of advertisements for the sale of coronavirus vaccines has increased by 300% in the past three months.

The Darknet is a part of the Internet that search engines do not see. First of all, the darknet is known for being actively used by cybercriminals - they exchange data on stolen credit cards, buy and sell malware that helps to hack other people's devices.

In January 2021, the CPR (Check Point Research) team found hundreds of vaccine offers on the darknet for as little as $ 500. Now there are about 1200 such ads - three times more than in January.

According to the researchers, a new service can now be obtained on the "dark web" - a fake vaccination certificate allegedly from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which costs $ 200 apiece. It is also possible to purchase a fake certificate of a negative test for Covid-19 for the "three for the price of two" promotion or for $ 25 to make a certificate yourself in just half an hour.

In fact, all types of services and certificates related to coronavirus can now be found on the darknet - both test results and vaccination certificates.

The darknet offers to buy a wide variety of vaccines from $ 500 per dose. Since January 2021, the number of advertisements for the sale of vaccines has increased to 1200 - more than 300%.

Most often they offered to buy:

  • Oxford AstraZeneca for $500 
  • Johnson & Johnson for $600 
  • Sputnik V for $600 
  • Chinese SINOPHARM for $500

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