Apple Refuses to Pay a $1 Million Reward For Hacking Face ID

Two residents who lived in  Yekaterinburg Russia, Daniil and Nikita, are demanding a million dollars from Apple for Bypassing Face ID blocking on iPad. They claim that they found a vulnerability in the company's device and should receive the amount for such an action, which was previously promised by Apple's head of engineering security Ivan Krstic.

The break-in happened by chance, when Daniel, who had come to visit a friend, took a tablet in his hands and it unlocked. It turned out that the Face ID system mistook Daniel for the owner Nikita. Although his face was not included in the database.

Apple representatives refuse to pay their friends $ 1,000,000 because they considered their achievement not a hack, but an error in an uncalibrated device. - Probably it's the tablet itself. Therefore, just change the settings for the Face ID system, Apple said.

They were not offered to pay compensation, but Daniil and Nikita intend to seek the amount announced by Krstic.

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