UK Government Calls on Charities to Wipe Donated Devices

The British government has called on charities and charities that donate laptops, smartphones and tablets to wipe them before they are used or distributed. British charities have been asking the public in recent months to donate their old laptops, tablets and other devices to schoolchildren who are in education at home because of the corona pandemic.

According to the UK's National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), charities should encourage donors to back up the data on their device first and then delete all personal data before the device is donated. Otherwise, donors run the risk of their personal data ending up in the wrong hands, according to the NCSC.

In addition, charities must erase all received devices, even if the donor has already done this themselves. The NCSC also advises not to give away devices to children or other parties that are no longer supported. This should prevent children from using devices that no longer receive security updates. "Devices that are no longer supported must be returned to the donor or recycled," says the NCSC.

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