Twitter Vulnerability Allows Arbitrary Tweets to be Marked as Leaks

Twitter users have discovered a vulnerability in a new algorithm that allows the label "obtained through hacking" to be added to arbitrary tweets.

Last week, Twitter posted a new "hacked" marker that the social network uses to refer to posts based on leaks and hacked documents.

According to Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, in order to exploit the vulnerability and bypass the algorithm, you need to insert a link to the material based on the leak in the post. In this case, Twitter will consider it an unreliable source and will flag it with an appropriate marker.

The method is reproducible in both iOS and Android Twitter applications, and in the web version. If a user tries to “Like” such a post on an Android device, it may fail (but only if the link was intentionally created).

The administration of the social network has not yet commented on the problem, and it is not known when it will be fixed (and will or will be fixed at all).

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