TikTok Settles Privacy Case in United States For $92 Million

The popular video app TikTok has decided to mass claims in the United States over alleged privacy violations in the amount of $92 million to settle . According to the complainants, TikTok "infiltrates" users' devices and collects a large amount of personal data, including biometric data and content. TikTok would use this data for tracking and profiling users.

The company denies the allegations, but states in a response to the Reuters news agency that it is not waiting for a lengthy lawsuit. In addition to paying $ 92 million, TikTok will also avoid certain behaviors that can compromise users' privacy unless it states these things in its privacy policy. This concerns, for example, the storage of biometric information, the collection of GPS data or the sending of data from American users to servers abroad. The settlement proposal has yet to be approved by the judge.

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