The Best VPN Providers With Zero logs - Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is one of the best VPN providers and offers the strongest security options a VPN can provide

  • Nice application that works intuitively
  • Online with 10 devices simultaneously

Ivacy VPN is an extremely reliable provider with a wide worldwide server range, advanced encryption, and a competitive price. Do you value your (online) privacy? Then you're in the right place with Ivacy VPN. 

Ivacy is a great and great value newcomer to VPN land. With its low price, user-friendly software, and strong security options, this VPN offers a good and inexpensive alternative to other premium VPNs. Ivacy works with streaming services such as Netflix and even knows how to give you access to the extensive range of American Netflix when you are not connected to an American server. Ivacy also allows you to download torrents in complete anonymity.

Ivacy also has an option to run your connection via two VPN servers at the same time, so that your privacy is even better guaranteed. This makes Ivacy a good choice for anonymous internet browsing. Ivacy is also the only VPN provider in our top 5 that 5 devices can connect to using the same subscription. So you can use Ivacy with the whole family without having to worry about limits.

Ivacy is a great VPN for the price you pay. Even after a number of years in the making, they maintain their great success. Like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, Ivacy has been able to ensure its quality so far, despite the increased pressure on the servers. This server invests in innovation, which has ensured that they have not been ruined by their own success. They simply offer great security, lots of options and anonymity at a great price

Number of Servers:

3,500 servers in over 100+ countries

Does Ivacy VPN work with Netflix and P2P?

For P2P (torrents) you can choose from a large number of specific servers. These provide an anonymous and fast connection. You can watch foreign Netflix offerings (from eleven countries, including the US). Save 65% Off on Ivacy One Year VPN Subscription


Security is very important to us. However, finding accurate information on the VPN provider is not easy. We found that it Ivacy VPN uses AES 256-bit bank-grade encryption. A strict no-logging policy is there to ensure that your privacy is protected as well. They certainly do not keep connection and activity logs, as well as other information that can be used to identify you easily. In addition, it enables you to pay with Cryptocurrency, so you never have to exchange private information.


Ivacy VPN is the most complete VPN service we tested. The service gives you a choice of many countries and in some cases even speeds up your internet connection. Thanks to the many options that you have, Ivacy VPN is very user-friendly for VPN greens. The service partly takes this away by offering different modes but compared to Pure VPN and others VPN services out there, you are overloaded with a lot of extra options. Ivacy VPN is one of the very cheap VPN services on the market, considering they offer 5 Years plan for $1/month which total costs $60.

 Save Up to 90% Off VPN Subscriptions

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