Telegram Sticker Could Secretly Reveal Chats

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details of a fixed vulnerability in the Telegram messaging application, the exploitation of which allowed remote attackers to gain access to messages, photos and videos in secret user chats.

The problem was discovered by the Italian company Shielder in the iOS, Android and macOS versions of the app. The vulnerabilities are related to the secret chat function and the processing of animated stickers by the application. Attackers can send modified stickers to unsuspecting users and access messages, photos and videos in regular and secret chats.

Exploiting the vulnerability is not straightforward as it requires linking the issue to at least one additional vulnerability in order to bypass security protections in modern devices.

It's worth noting that this is the second issue this month found in Telegram's secret chat feature. Last week, a vulnerability was discovered in the macOS version of the program that violates user privacy. Its exploitation allowed access to self-destructing audio and video messages long after they disappeared from secret chats.

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