Scientists From The Russian Federation Have Set New World Record in The Field of Quantum Cryptography

Specialists of the NTI “Quantum Communications” Competence Center of NUST MISIS, the Russian Quantum Center and the QRate information security company have updated the world record for the efficiency of quantum cryptography systems.

Scientists have made two discoveries that will have a significant impact on the quantum communications market. The first achievement is a new information synchronization algorithm based on polar codes, which is more resistant to environmental noise. Products for quantum key distribution using this algorithm will be able to work stably not only in the laboratory, but also when the parameters are influenced by real conditions. A scientific article on this topic was published in the journal IEEE Communication Letters.

The second achievement of Russian scientists is the reduction of the part of the private keys generated by quanta that are consumed in the authentication process during classical post-processing (below 1%, which makes it the most effective). Thanks to this discovery, quantum key distribution systems are becoming more efficient. For details, see a scientific article in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

Both achievements of Russian specialists contributed to the establishment of a world record for the efficiency of classical post-processing algorithms for quantum key distribution. Thanks to them, the speed of key generation will increase, and the cost of equipment integration will decrease. These solutions are suitable for industries that require a high level of information security in the long term.

Quantum key distribution is a method of transmitting an encryption key using quantum phenomena to ensure secure communications. With its help, two parties connected via an open communication channel can create a common, known only to them, random encryption key.

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