Quantum Computer Reveals AES Encryption Vulnerabilities

Specialists from Swiss IT company Terra Quantum AG : using a quantum computer have identified vulnerabilities in the AES cryptographic algorithm. Using a technique known as quantum annealing, the company has proven that even the strongest versions of AES can be decoded by quantum computers within a few years.

Presumably, these problems threaten the privacy of data on the web, banking transactions and e-mail, and could potentially lead to dangerous consequences for tech giants such us Google, Microsoft and IBM.

Problems were found in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric block cipher algorithm, experts said. As noted by the director of Terra Quantum AG Markus Pflitsch (Markus Pflitsch), using a quantum computer they managed not only to fix, but also to prove the insecurity of the encryption algorithm.

AES has been adopted as the encryption standard by the US government. In June 2003, the US National Security Agency ruled that the AES cipher was strong enough to be used to protect government secrets.

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