North Korean Hackers Stole Over $300 Million to Fund Nuclear Programs

North Korean hackers have stolen more than $ 300 million to fund the country's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. This is stated in a confidential report of UN experts on North Korea, which was received by CNN through a diplomatic source in the UN Security Council.

The watchdog team found that from 2019 to November 2020, North Korean hackers could have embezzled $ 316.4 million in virtual assets. Cybercriminals linked to North Korea have attacked financial institutions and virtual exchange office

Experts believe that with this money, North Korea most likely modernized nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. They noted that Pyongyang recently showed new short- and medium-range missile systems at a military parade, as well as demonstrated updated submarines and intercontinental ballistic weapon

The UN believes that it is necessary to apply new sanctions against the North Korean authorities

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