Microsoft Will END Support for Edge Legacy Next Month

Microsoft will end support for Edge Legacy next month, which could affect organizations that use the browser on kiosk computers. Next month on March 9, support for Edge Legacy that comes standard with Windows 10 ends.

The following month on April 13, Microsoft will replace the browser with Edge Chromium, the version of Edge based on the open source Chromium browser, during its monthly patch Tuesday. To prevent kiosk computers from not working, Microsoft advises organizations to install Edge Chromium before April 13 and enable the kiosk mode.

"If you do not enable kiosk mode in the new Microsoft Edge for the Windows 10 updates in April, you will experience disruptions in kiosk usage," said Microsoft, explaining how organizations can switch to the new browser on this page . Since Microsoft Edge released Chromium, the browser's market share has increased and is now almost equal to that of Firefox at about eight percent, according to figures from market researcher StatCounter .

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