Macron: Most Cyber Attacks Possible Through Negligence

Most cyber attacks are possible due to negligence on the part of users. More awareness is therefore needed, according to French President Emmanuel Macron on Twitter. In addition, France will invest 1 billion euros in cybersecurity, Macron further announced.

The announcement of the plans is due to the recent ransomware attacks on French hospitals where numerous systems were infected and encrypted. "We need to raise awareness: you don't need to be an expert to fend off most cyber attacks. They are often caused by negligence: a too simple password, a dubious file, a questionable email request. Be alert!" Macron said. The president therefore wants to strengthen knowledge about cybersecurity and have the number of jobs in this sector doubled by 2025.

To strengthen cybersecurity in the country, France will invest 1 billion euros. Five hundred million euros goes to research and development of "sovereign technologies". For example, a special "cyber campus" will be opened. Furthermore, according to the French president, it is necessary that more public and private organizations become involved in cybersecurity. This mainly concerns hospitals and local authorities, Marcron notes. The French National Office for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) will be given more funding for this.

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