Hackers Hacked Digital Road Signs And Urged "idiots" To Stay At Home

An unknown hacker hacked digital road signs in the British city of Burton upon Trent and posted a message on it so that all the "idiots" would stay at home during the quarantine.

“Go Home, You idiots. We are supposed to be in quarantine, ”the British tabloid Daily Mirror quotes the text of the message.

Staffordshire County Council and Highways England, the British Highways Authority, are currently investigating this incident.

Meanwhile, social media was flooded with complaints from outraged drivers. Some write that the person responsible for this incident should be fired immediately, while others call the incident "100% unacceptable." As if in response to their indignation, on the evening of the same day, another message appeared on the digital road signs: "Would you like to talk to Manager Karen?"

However, not all residents of Burton upon Trent were outraged by what happened. On the contrary, some believe that the hackers have done the city a favor.

“Most of them rush past the signs at high speed, barely looking at them ... At least now they will look at them carefully, suddenly there is some message or proposal,” one of the townspeople believes.

“If and when you find this dastardly hacker, offer him a job and nominate him for the Nobel Prize! The time has come for the signs to become truly informative! ”, Says another resident.

“Not all heroes wear caps, some change road signs,” summed up another resident of the city.

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