Facebook to Bring News Back to Australian Residents

Facebook has decided to lift restrictions on the distribution of news content in Australia after the authorities agreed to make a number of changes. The agreement was reached after negotiations between the chief treasurer of Australia Josh Freidenberg and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook and the Australian authorities reportedly agreed to make four amendments to the bill. They suggest that once the law enters into force, Australian authorities will have to notify digital platforms at least one month in advance that they must comply with the new law.

According to Australia's chief treasurer, the amendments to the document will determine both the degree of social media involvement in the development of the media industry and the grounds on which the media will be subject to the code. The concept of a final proposal will also appear, the rejection of which may entail an appeal to the arbitration court.

As a reminder, Facebook users in Australia discovered that fresh publications disappeared from the pages of all local news agencies, TV channels and newspapers on the night of Thursday, February 18th. The company said the administration has restricted Australian users from viewing and sharing local and international news “in response to Australia's proposed new media negotiation law,” which would require technology companies to negotiate payments with local publishers and broadcasters. their content.

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