Facebook Blocks all News Items for Australian Users'

Australian users on Facebook can no longer view or share news stories on the social networks. In addition, Australian publishers can no longer post news items on Facebook and Australian news items are no longer accessible to international users. Facebook says it has introduced the measures because of an announced law. It would oblige Facebook and Google to pay publishers for their news articles.

Currently, of every 100 Australian dollars spent on online advertising, 81 goes to Facebook and Google. With new legislation, the Australian government wants to ensure a level playing field between tech giants and publishers. According to Facebook, the law does not apply to the company because it has a different relationship with publishers who use the platform to share news messages than Google.

In addition, Facebook says that it hardly earns anything from news on the platform. "We had to make a tough choice: comply with a law that ignores the reality of this relationship or stop allowing news on our platform in Australia. With heavy heart, we choose the latter, " Facebook said in a blog post.

Australian Facebook users are now unable to view news on both Australian and international news pages on the platform. Australian publishers can no longer post or share content on the social network at all. In addition, Australian news items are no longer accessible to international Facebook users.

Not The Boss

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison hits the social network hard in a message on Facebook. "These actions confirm the concerns that more and more countries have about the behavior of Big Tech companies that think they are bigger than governments and the rules don't apply to them. They may change the world, but that does not mean that they are in control. to be." Morrison adds that Australia will not be intimidated by Big Tech.

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