Experian Credit Bureau Leaks Data 220 Million Brazilian Citizens and Firms

The Brazilian state consumer protection fund Procon considered the explanation of the international credit bureau Experian about the massive data breach of Brazilian citizens unsatisfactory.

In January of this year, cybersecurity company PSafe discovered on the dark web the personal data of over 220 million Brazilian citizens and companies, including information from the Mosaic consumer segmentation model used by Experian's Brazilian subsidiary, Serasa.

Upon learning of the leak, Procon notified the credit bureau about it and demanded to provide him with all the information on this incident. In particular, the fund asked Experian to confirm the leak and an explanation of its reasons. In addition, the bureau had to talk about the measures taken to contain the incident, compensate for the damaged customers and prevent similar leaks in the future.

However, the information provided by Experian on the incident did not satisfy Procon and "raised more questions than answers," said the fund's chief executive, Fernando Capez.

“No speculation was provided, and we currently believe the leak most likely occurred internally and was not the work of hackers,” Kapes told ZDNet.

The fund's council will analyze the response received from Experian, and in case of violations by the credit bureau, he will face a fine.

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