Arizona Prison Software Bugs Prevent Parole

Hundreds of prisoners in Arizona are serving their prison sentences longer than they should be due to outdated versions of prison management software. Arizona Department of Corrections officials have been aware of the problem since 2019, radio station KJZZ reported.

Arizona has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States. As part of the June 2019 amendment to the Arizona law, a special program was created through which prisoners can become eligible for early release.

The Arizona Department of Corrections Program FAQ states that prisoners and their families should not contact anyone to request a review of eligibility. This process is carried out automatically based on system programming. However, the system cannot identify the eligible participants and still does not perform the necessary calculations.

They began issuing "repeated internal warnings" to the department's IT staff in 2019, sources said. The department confirmed that they are aware of the problem with the ACIS software.

“The data is calculated manually and then entered into the system. Currently, at least 733 prisoners have been identified who are eligible to participate in the early release program, but have not yet been enrolled, ”spokesman Bill Lamoreaux quoted KJZZ as saying.

Since the implementation of ACIS in 2019, the software still contains various issues, sources say. Some modules in the software do not work correctly, "including tracking prison health care, numbers, assets, commission and financial accounts, religious affiliation, security classification, and gang affiliation."

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