Apple Runs Google Safe Browsing Traffic in iOS Through Its Own Proxy

Apple will add a privacy measure in the latest version of iOS to prevent Google from seeing the IP address of Safari users when checking visited websites. For this, Apple will route traffic from Google Safe Browsing through its own proxy servers. Safe Browsing is a service from Google that protects internet users against phishing sites and malware.

The tech company searches the internet for malicious websites and keeps them on a list that Safe Browsing uses. Using Safe Browsing, Google Chrome, as well as other browsers, can warn users about malicious websites. The Google service can also be enabled within Safari. Safari will send a hashed prefix of the url to Google with every website visited to see if it is a known rogue website. If the url appears in the Safe Browsing list, the browser will display a warning.

By using a hashed prefix, Google does not know which website the user is visiting. However, the tech company does see the IP address from which the request comes. Apple will change that with the launch of iOS 14.5, reports from The 8-Bit and can also be seen on Reddit . In the new iOS version, Safe Browsing traffic will pass through Apple proxy servers, preventing Google from seeing the IP address of Safari users. The feature can now be tested in the beta version of iOS 14.5. It is not yet known when the release version of iOS 14.5 will be released.

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