Amsterdam Teenager Arrested For Payment Request Fraud

Amsterdam - On February 2, 2021, the cybercrime team of the Central Netherlands police arrested a minor boy from Amsterdam on suspicions of phishing. A firearm and data carriers were seized during the search of the boy's home.

The victim had an advertisement on Marktplaats and was approached via WhatsApp. The so-called buyer and seller come to a deal, and the seller receives a link for a payment request. This link is actually a phishing link, which allowed the buyer to gain access to the seller's bank account. The victims often lost large amounts. A total of approximately 371,000 euros is being diverted in this investigation. The investigation by the cybercrime team Central Netherlands continues. More arrests are not ruled out.

What is Payment Request Fraud Phishing?

Criminals, unfortunately, are very creative in retrieving bank account credentials. With phishing via payment requests, you will receive a fake payment request. A link that is very similar to Tikkie, for example. When you fill this in, fraudsters will have access to your data. They can then withdraw money from your account. Read more about the different forms of phishing and how you can protect yourself against it here.

Prevent Payment Request Fraud

Never click on a payment request from someone you don't know. If you still want to use a payment request when selling stuff, do so by using your own banking environment or app.

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