Amsterdam Housing Corporation Stadgenoot Leaks Data to 30,000 People

The Amsterdam housing corporation Stadgenoot has leaked the data of 30,000 people. These are names, addresses, e-mail addresses and in some cases license plate numbers and indications of annual salaries. The organization reports this in an e-mail to affected victims, NRC says .

An attacker managed to break into the Stadgenoot website and thus obtained the personal data. When the burglary took place and how the attacker managed to penetrate, the housing corporation does not say. The data breach has since been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Victims have been warned to be on the lookout for fake letters, phishing emails and phone calls from scammers.

Stadgenoot is a housing association in Amsterdam that rents out about thirty thousand rental homes. These are largely social rental homes, but also more than a thousand homes in the private sector. The organization also sells and rents business premises and parking spaces.

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